Park Hae Jin is full of surprises!

Recently, the Cheese in the Trap actor was interviewed about his acting style. The 34 year-old star opened up about two major questions on everyone's mind. How does he deal with action/thrillers? Does he prefer bromance or romance? 

When it comes to action and thrillers, Park Hae Jin is all about doing his own stunts. However, the thriller/horror genre is not on his favorites' list. “I try not to use a body double if I’m just running or rolling around. I can even do car flip stunts. Am I fearless? No. I’m really scared of ghosts. I’m a scaredy-cat.”

He feels his acting strength is in the bromance department, because he hasn't dated in awhile. “I’m still more comfortable acting with men. I’m really weak with romance...It’s been a long time since I’ve dated in real life, so it’s difficult for me to express the tingly feelings that new lovers feel. Filming romantic scenes is something I struggle with," he honestly admitted.

Park is very open to being in a relationship. He just needs to find the right person. “I would definitely date if I liked someone. I’m not staying single on purpose.”

The filming for his upcoming Cheese in the Trap movie, Four Men TV series and Chinese productions (Popcorn and Secret Society of Men) doesn't leave a whole lot of free time for a social life. His best bet at dating may truly be fellow celebrities.

From your favorites list, which fellow star would you ship Park Hae Jin with in real life? 

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