Park Hae Jin has officially decided to join the original Cheese in the Trap writer, Soonkki, to create a movie based on the webtoon!

The drama production company Mountain Movement Story recently signed a deal with Park to reprise his role as Yoo Jung in the highly-anticipated project, while the beloved webtoon writer will be on the team too. There is a possibility the Korean-Chinese production might cast a Chinese actress as his leading lady, but no confirmation has been made yet. Mountain Movement Story did have this to say about their decision to create the film, "After numerous debates regarding the creation of webtoon Cheese in the Trap as a movie, we've come to a decision to produce Cheese in the Trap as a Korean-Chinese film."

The TvN main cast's on-screen chemistry was so dynamic that viewers were hoping that all the actors would reprise their roles. However, the fact that there are two countries working on the film means they will probably cast some talented Chinese stars in the leading roles too. I wonder which chosen few from the original cast will join him.

Who do want to see star alongside Park Hae Jin in the Cheese in the Trap movie? 


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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