What would you do at Park Hae Jin's Guerrilla Date? His fans couldn't contain their excitement at seeing everyone's favorite senior Yoo Jung from Cheese in the Trap. Let's check out the English-subbed date with the star who "paralyzed the streets of Hongdae" to our heart's content!

Guerrilla Date is a KBS Entertainment program that brings a star to the streets of Seoul. Park Hae Jin seemed shocked at the tremendous crowd that turned out just for him. (No, we are not surprised!) The show even had to stop filming for awhile due to safety concerns.

In the second half of the program, the interviewer and Park Hae Jin talked in more detail about Park's acting. He recently held a free fan meet for his 10th year anniversary in acting. 

Guess what he said when asked about his 100% resemblance to Yoo Jung, the webtoon character he played? What he revealed about his own face is really interesting.

Here is the video:

Just look at the crowd:

He was generous with his hugs: 

He answered this important question: "If you walked into a Chinese restaurant, would you order black bean noodles or spicy seafood noodles?"  

Did you enjoy seeing Park Hae Jin at the Guerrilla Date?

I definitely would have asked for a hug! 

What would you have asked for?


Cheese in the Trap

Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Hae Jin

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