Congratulations to Park Han Byul, who is reportedly in a relationship! According to an industry insider, the actress has been happily dating a successful entrepreneur for the past four months and has been openly going on dates with him throughout Gangnam. 

The couple reportedly met back in February through mutual friends and quickly bonded over their common interest in golfing. After some time together as friends, the two eventually became lovers and have been together ever since. 

Park Han Byul's boyfriend is said to be a tall and handsome businessman, who was once a hopeful actor. However, instead of taking a chance on an acting career, he opened a multi-shop under his name in Gangnam back in 2015 and is currently a well-known entrepreneur in the fashion industry. 

Although the couple openly goes on dates in public, the actress has expressed her concerns regarding the consequences that would fall upon her boyfriend and his business if their love became widely known. Despite this, they have made no effort to hide their relationship.

Park Han Byul has yet to respond to these reports. Regardless, we along with all her fans congratulate her on her dating news and wish her a long and happy relationship. 

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