According to a source, Park Han Byul is sticking by K-pop solo artist Se7en's side. Being caught on video leaving an adult massage parlor apparently isn't enough to break up the two. All this is according to a "close source" of Park Han Byul. This so-called source says Park Han Byul already knew about Se7ens parlor visit before it hit the news, and she's been comforting him ever since. She also supposedly told all her friends that she totally trusts Se7en, and even messaged friends on Kakao Talk about the situation.


Se7en and Park Han Byul have been together since 2002, so I could see why she would stay by his side. Besides, who knows -- in their relationship that kind of extra curricular activity may not even be a big deal. Remember what one person may view as betrayal, another may not even see an issue. However, I have issue with that lame excuse that he and Mighty Mouth's Sangchu came up with. They were at an adult massage parlor for "knee injury treatment?" Yeah, ok, sureee. (-_-) KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (source via