Park Han Byul's scuba gear won her new boyfriend's heart! Park met her new beau Jung Eun Woo on the set of their 2014 SBS daily drama One Well-Raised Daughter. Sparks didn't fly during filming, but a trip after the show wrapped changed everything.

During an episode of tvN's Taxi, Jung Eun Woo explained that her strength and determination were attractive to him. The Oh! My Lady actress insisted on carrying her own oxygen tank without any assistance when the cast and crew went on a scuba diving trip.

When they had a moment alone on the last day of their winter trip, he asked her out. Their non-verbal communication was super sweet. In response, she smiled and touched his back, while he held her hand. Their first kiss happened during a ski trip.

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Last month, news spread like wildfire online that Park Han Byul was dating her former co-star Jung Eun Woo. Her 12-year relationship with singer Se7en ended in early 2014.

Wow, I'm amazed at how quickly Park picked up the pieces and start dating again. She and Se7en had been together so long he had become a part of her. It was almost like they were already married. 

I'm still not used to reading about her new relationship. Jung seems like a nice guy, but I hope he doesn't make her wait too long and starts hearing wedding bells sooner rather that later. 

What do you think about their relationship? 

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Soompi France