We all have our own ideas about love and the person we are meant to be with. And while life has a funny way of messing up most plans...some people are set on making them anyway! It seem's  Park Hyung Sik falls within this category. Just what does the leading man of the hit drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon think of love and his ideal type? How does he plan to fall in love? Keep reading to find out!

During a recent interview, Park Hyung Sik opened up about the kind of woman he finds attractive and would like to date!

“I find someone attractive when she is passionate about her work and go for what they want. I also want to date someone who I want to protect."


When the reporter commented that his ideal type sounds a lot like Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik became flustered.

While the prospect of an on screen romance coming to life is tantalizing, it might also excite some fans to learn of what Park Hyung Sik has said regarding how he wanted to fall in love!

Back in 2015, Park Hyung Sik was pretty specific about the circumstances under which he would fall in love, and he claimed it would not be on the set of a drama!

"I want to meet my true love while I am on vacation," he said. "It would be great. I wouldn't want to come back home."

While you might be wondering if Park Hyung Sik is only attracted to Koreans, he claimed that he finds the looks of foreign actresses very appealing. He listed Kristen Stewart and Amanda Seyfried as examples of attractive foreign actresses, saying,

"I think they are so attractive. Meeting one of them would be an opening to a new culture and I can learn English. I did an ad with a foreign model once and I almost fell into her eyes."

While Park Hyung Sik seems to know what he wants in love, romance has a funny way of showing up in ways and places you wouldn't expect. We will have to wait and see what kind of woman Park Hyung Sik ends up with, but for now, keeping an eye on Park Hyung Sik's vacation destinations might just give fans a clue (or chance~)! 

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