After their hard work on the hit drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, the cast and crew received a well deserved all expenses paid vacation to Bali! During this time of relaxation and fun, actor Park Hyung Sik, who plays the charismatic chaebol Ahn Min Hyuk in the drama, was kind enough to share some must see photos from their trip! Make sure to check them out below!

After completing work on their fun and charming drama, the cast and crew of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon jetted off on April 20th to the beautiful island of Bali! While the cast and crew were enjoying their 6 days all expenses paid vacation in paradise, Park Hyung Sik was busy taking photos which he was kind enough to share with fans of the drama in order to thank them for their support and love. 

Shared on his Instagram, Park Hyung Sik posted the following photos of their Bali trip:

(Park Hyung Sik)

“I’m having a great time in Bali thanks to everyone’s love and support. Thank you. I love you!” - Park Hyung Sik

(Park Hyung Sik and Kim Ji Soo)

“Min Hyuk and Gook Du. Min Gook. Hyuk Du. Min Du. Hyuk Gook? Gook Min. Gook Hyuk. Du Min. Du Hyuk. Anyway, that’s that.” - Park Hyung Sik

(Park Hyung Sik and Kim Ji Soo)

“I went to Bali and had so much fun and thanks to Bali i’m tanned!” - Park Hyung Sik 

We hope that the cast and crew of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon had as much fun in Bali as we had watching the drama!

What do you think of Park Hyung Sik and Ki Ji Soo's tans? Let us know your thoughts below?


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