At a recent event to promote Strong Woman Do Bong Soon in Singapore, Park Hyung Sik gave fans even more reason to ship him with Park Bo Young, both on screen and in real life. One particularly memorable moment occurred when they sat down to start the event. It turned out that Park Bo Young's chair was much too tall for her to sit comfortably on. Without hesitation, Park Hyung Sik adjusted his chair and switched it with her's, ignoring the staff that was coming to help. He truly does care about his co-star!

Check out the video below! Skip ahead to 0:35 to see the adorable chair swapping moment. 

Here's another angle to watch!

Even better, they also had the co-stars watch some of their romantic scenes on the big screen. They both hilariously couldn't hide their embarrassment, with Park Bo Young even running for cover off stage. 

Too cute!

Are you still having Strong Woman Do Bong Soon withdrawals? Would you love to see them as a couple in real life? Share your thoughts below!

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Starring Park Bo Young and Kim Ji Soo

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