There have been rumors that Kim Sa Rang is Park Ji Sung’s fiance, which no one believes now. Just a few days ago, it became official that anchor Kim MIn Ji is his real girlfriend. When Park Ji Sung appeared at the Suwon World Cup Stadium for a charity event, he announced, “I’m dating anchor Kim Min Ji,” but then he also said “sorry” to Kim Sa Rang. Park Ji Sung said “I didn’t mean it but I believe it might have hurt Kim Sa Rang’s feelings … I sincerely feel bad about it.”

But this put Kim Sa Rang’s management company in a dilemma. The management company spokesperson said “It’s very tricky whether we should accept or not accept Park Ji Sung’s apology … Park Ji Sung isn’t even the person who spread the rumor. We believe the best reaction to this is not doing anything in response to his apology.” The management company seems confused because Park Ji Sung didn't have to officially apologize at all, but at least everyone is being pretty classy about it.