[caption id="attachment_12001" align="alignleft" width="342" caption="Oh Yeon Soo"][/caption] Park Joo Mi and Oh Yeon Soo have fans choosing sides after Park mentioned at a press conference for her film The Demolished Man that she had decided to choose the role over appearing in the drama Bad Guy. That set off Oh Yeon Soo, who got the Bad Guy role, and who bitterly tweeted that Park's remarks had her (and I quote) "feeling like crap." Park ended up apologizing, and Oh said that due to her "simple personality," the comments had rolled off her back anyway. Despite the huge crowds who came out to see the IRIS concerts this month and being partially set in Akita prefecture, the drama itself has been a ratings flop in Japan. One obvious reason for the low ratings may have been the fact that fans were able to buy or rent the complete unedited series on their own weeks earlier. Another reason was poor handling of the drama: even though there was huge PR behind the show as a phenomenon, the actual program was heavily edited and dubbed by an unfamiliar actor, leaving viewers disoriented and largely unimpressed. Want to see something creepy? It's the gumiho-girl from Tale of the Fox's Child! MCs Tiffany and Yuri are taking a well-deserved vacation from Music Core, and in their absence Kim Hyun Joong, and KARA’s Goo Hara and Han Seung Yeon have taken over as guest hosts. How'd they do? See for yourself right here. And now a couple of stories on the finances of the stars: during the same interview that Kim Yuna denied rumors about her love life, she was asked about her new nickname in some circles, Don Yuna ("Money Yuna")--given because of her omnipresence in Korean commercials these days. Sure, she's made a billion commercials for everything from air conditioners to cars to milkshakes to lipstick etc., etc., but doesn't she have the right to ride the gravy train while she can? And then there is this new analysis of how much Kdrama stars make per episode on a variety of recent popular dramas. One of the things that viewers love about Kdramas is the high production value that goes into most series, including getting top-rate actors. Those interested in the business side of Kdrama will be interested to see just how much cash goes into your favorite series--sometimes rewarded with ratings gold, sometimes not. Finally, members of the huge reality-variety series Infinite Challenge decided to do something funny about a serious problem. Korea faces the lowest birth rate in the world, and to boost the baby-making, Yoo Jae Suk, No Hong Chul and the rest of the gang got together with some lookalike little kids for a goofy series of photos. What do you think? Would these pics make you want to have kids?