Park Ki Woong is taking on Baek In Ho!

The Full House Take 2 actor recently accepted the role as Baek In Na's brother in the movie based on the popular webtoon Cheese in the Trap. He joins Park Hae Jin who reprises his role as Yoo Jung, while Baby Faced Beauty actress Oh Yeon Seo plans to portray Hong Seol. I'm guessing our girl Kim Go Eun is swamped with scripts after her Goblin success. So she couldn't join even if she wanted to! Nonetheless, the cast is turning out quite nicely. It should be interesting to see Park's contrast of a hard-working brother alongside his spoiled sister. Many fans may also want to see Yoo Jung get the screen time they felt he deserved in the 2016 TvN series version of Cheese in the Trap

How will Baek In Ho's role be portrayed this time around? We can all assume that it will mirror the webtoon, because the original writer, Soon Kki, plans to be actively involved throughout the entire filming. The production team is scheduled to start shooting Cheese in the Trap the movie in April.

Are you looking forward to Park Ki Woong's version of Baek In Ho?

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