parkkiwoong3 Actor Park Ki Woong reveals his distress over a recent twitter controversy regarding singer Ailee. To explain the situation, Park Ki Woong had been asked by Ailee's manager, who is reported to be a close friend of Park Ki Woong, to help promote her single as if they were close acquaintances. On July 14th, Park Ki Woong had tweeted, "Currently our Ye Jin is number one on 8 music charts. Please listen and enjoy Ailee's U&I so she can continue to succeed. Fighting Ailee." Although the message was pure and very common amongst the industry, Ailee had admitted on one KBS program that she had never met Park Ki Woong causing a frenzy regarding the friendly tweet by the actor. Soon after, various media outlets released speculation stories between the two and netizens were curious of their relations as well. When false rumors were spreading, Park Ki Woong expressed his distress via Twitter and revealed that he was requested by Ailee's manager. He said, "Oh, about yesterday's happening. Ailee's representative asked me to promote as if I were a close acquaintance. Yesterday, a lot of articles went up regarding that and as someone who was just trying to help, this it a bit flustering." He also added that Ailee had called him personally and they had talked through the situation. Park Ki Woong ended the tweet by wishing the singer best of luck and said, "I like U&I." (Source: Nate)