[caption id="attachment_19070" align="alignleft" width="412" caption="Kim Tae Hee"][/caption] Chuno's Park Ki Woong wanted a role in The Musical so badly that he sketched himself in character and sent his drawing to director Kim Kyung Yong. The upcoming Gu Hye Sun/Daniel Choi/Ok Joo Hyun vehicle was partly filmed on Broadway in New York and follows the artistic and romantic aspirations of driven performers. Park's drawing skills (read the full story and see his drawing here) and interpretation of the character helped Kim see that Park could play a darker character in addition to his former, more affable roles. Kim Tae Hee sure isn't shy about her own hotness--the actress jokes in a new interview on her upcoming film Grand Prix, co-starring Yang Dong Geun, that “concerning beautiful costars, I am the apex of Yang’s acting career. It can only go downhill from here." Speaking of downhill, I thought this was settled once and for all, but netizens are STILL arguing about the infamous pic of Rain and Lee Jung Jin that appears to 'prove' that Rain is shorter than Lee. Or maybe it's the angle. Now a new photo has surfaced, adding more fuel to the fire. By the way, we're talking about a supposed difference of two centimeters. Congratulations to Song Yoon Ah and Sol Kyung Gu, who just had their first child, a healthy baby boy. Song says she plans to put her acting career on hold to focus on the new addition, while Sol will next be seen next month in the big-screen action flick The Fixer. Japanese-reading Oguri Shun fans will want to search out the freshly printed one-time-only magazine Shunkan Oguri, containing transcripts of his conversations and interviews over three years on his radio show Oguri Shun's All Night Nippon. The mag also includes a CD with a never-before-heard conversation with comedian Okamura Takashi. Finally, are Korean audiences getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop when it comes to appearances by Hallyu stars? Anger over the fact that Kwon Sang Woo's apology for his hit-and-run accident was released to Japanese fans before his Korean fans received one has instigated a discussion of how much attention Korean stars owe their Korean fanbase. One surprising assertion of the article is that even when fan meetings are held in Korea, they are often part of tour packages for foreign visitors, leaving Koreans out in the cold.