Healer actress Park Min Young has started filming a new Chinese drama, Braveness of the Ming, in the role that was previously offered to Miss A's Suzy. Take a look at the beautiful Park Min Young in her very pretty historical costume.

The 30-episode Braveness of the Ming drama series is based on a popular fiction novel set in the Ming dynasty. Chinese leading man Zhang Han (aka Hans Zhang) plays a royal guard helping a Ming dynasty prince become the next emperor. He also falls in love with the beautiful Park Min Young. 

When Park Min Young posted her new dramatic look to her Instagram account, she won praise from fans everywhere for her exquisite beauty framed with an intricate Chinese historical hairstyle. She looked very pretty in her pink robe.

Her leading man Zhang Han rose to fame playing in the Chinese version of Boys Over Flowers (in Lee Min Ho's famous role.) Apparently Miss A's Suzy (aka Lee Min Ho's girlfriend) turned down the chance to star with the Chinese heartthrob due to her work, so Park Min Young (aka Lee Min Ho's ex-girlfriend) took over the role to be Zhang Han's leading lady. 

Isn't it interesting that even though Lee Min Ho is not in the drama, the news is somehow connected to him? 

Braveness of the Ming looks really promising, and it is slated to be released in 2016.

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(photo credit: weibo)