Talented actress Park Min Young faced some nasty netizens over her look in Healer, but she isn't letting the haters get her down! In a recent interview with Star News, Park explained how her perspective has shifted away from appearance over the last few years.

After the 2012 drama Dr. Jin, Park took a two-year hiatus from acting, during which time she says she changed her outlook. In the interview, she explained, "In the past, even if nobody was pressuring me, I felt pressure. The pressure and the vague fear of being forgotten were really big. At a certain point, acting became less enjoyable for me, and because I wasn’t able to fully immerse myself into my characters, I felt dissatisfied and empty. But as I took a break from acting and engaged in self-reflection, I began to treasure and experience a thirst [for acting]. It was then that I crossed paths with A New Leaf."

After the 2014 drama ended, she continued to enjoy acting as she took on her next project, the hit series Healer. "I also completely let go of the idea that I had clung to stubbornly, that an actress has to no matter what look pretty,” she said in the interview. “For the first time, I abandoned myself and only thought about the character. From the hairstyle to the clothes, makeup, and fashion, I adapted everything to the character.”

In Healer, Park Min Young plays Chae Young Shin, a bright, enthusiastic young reporter, and the styling, while not always flattering, matched the character's headstrong, devil-may-care personality perfectly. Unfortunately, some netizens who were used to Park's perfect public image were less than kind in their responses to the show. According to the actress, "“Because [I let myself go], I received quite a lot of harsh comments. (laughter) Because my character doesn’t care about her looks and lives so busily and coarsely, I filmed that way. I just laughed while reading malicious comments like, ‘I thought she was pretty, but her beauty has deteriorated,’ ‘I didn’t know she was that ugly,’ and ‘Did she get surgery to get uglier?’” 

She continued, “Obviously, as an actress, it’s not the ideal situation, but as I gradually immersed myself more and more into the acting without being concerned about the angles [of the shot], everything freed up and became comfortable [...] Through letting go of that one desire, I became freer as an actress, to the point that I wondered why I didn’t do this earlier. Because my body and mind are at ease, I don’t have any useless thoughts. Acting becomes fun, and my desire to act only flourishes.”

Way to go, Park Min Young! In an industry that's so beauty-obsessed, it's nice to see an actress being able to let it go and just enjoy her roles. Her love of acting was apparent in Healer, and she won over a lot of hearts with her role, regardless of what the naysayers might think.

Park Min Young is currently enjoying some well-deserved time off before she chooses her next project. While we wait to see what she chooses, you can enjoy her work in Healer again: