Park Min Young has officially decided on her next new drama after the hit Healer, and this time she will play the lead role in the Chinese version of Gossip Girl. 

The Chinese drama is based on the original American drama Gossip Girl. Warner Brothers and a Chinese production company are co-producing the drama, and Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who produced the original version, will also participate in the production. The original version was about the high class teenagers in Manhattan; on the other hand, the Chinese version will be about wealthy young adults in their twenties in China. The drama is set in Shanghai, but it will also be filmed in NYC. The press conference will be held on a large scale, and shooting will start at the end of April. It will be aired at the end of this year. The production agency has focused on the popularity of Park Min Young in the Chinese market, so it predicts that it will be very popular in both Korea and China. 

What do you think of seeing Park Min Young in this remake? Do you think they should do a Korean remake of Gossip Girl as well? Comment below! 

You can see Park Min Young in her recent hit series Healer: