Actress Park Min Young, star of the hit romantic thriller drama Healer, was recently interviewed on Korean TV, and her comments about dating, paparazzi, and her hope for love have caught attention.

Park Min Young was on KBS 2TV's Entertainment Relay to promote her new show Healer, which co-stars Ji Chang Wook. She talked about her experience playing an investigative reporter: "By playing the role of a reporter, I got to understand how competitive that world is and how things like that could happen."

When asked about her love life and whether she wanted to get caught by paparazzi, she replied, "Me? I got caught once." She added, "I want to be madly in love without getting caught." Now, that little comment is kind of important because Park Min Young is the only girlfriend that Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho has ever acknowledged. But, as Park Min Young alluded to here, attention by the paparazzi on their budding romance apparently cut it short. 

Park Min Young also said she wanted to get married because "I want that one and only person in the world who is truly on your side....I want to go on family vacations. There are a lot of childcare shows. They're so cute."

Watch Park Min Young in Healer:

In the meantime, her chemistry with Ji Chang Wook is simply smoking hot on Healer. Many fans seriously ship them for a real-life couple. We sincerely hope for Park Min Young to fall madly in love and find her everlasting happiness.