Happy Birthday, Park Min Young! The beautiful and talented actress turns 29 on Wednesday, March 4. She took some precious time off after her popular drama Healer recently concluded. Take a look at her photos from Spain, and find out her candid views toward dating these days.

Although she previously expressed the desire to fall madly in love and get married, Park Min Young says she is too busy to date. She says:

“I’ve had projects back to back and am soon leaving for China. When I get back I’ll have another project. Although my management agency doesn’t really care about dating, I don’t have time. I didn’t believe in not having enough time to date, but I think it’s really possible.”

Is she lonely then? Park Min Young says the following:

“An actress has to [date] too. However, maybe it’s because I’ve been so busy, but I don’t really [experience loneliness]. It’s not really courteous to have a boyfriend when you have only two hours to sleep. My top priority is acting, and it’s not love if my lover is not my first priority. I suppose I’ll meet someone when I take a breather from acting.”

But what she next says will make you want to give her a hug.

She continues, “I have a lot of fear about starting [a relationship]. It’s been a while since I dated, and the thought of starting again makes me fearful.”

Judging from what Ji Chang Wook said recently about having to be careful with kissing and intimate scenes, it appears it's really difficult for actors (and actresses) to enjoy a normal dating life. It's nice then to see that Park Min Young took time off to travel to Spain. She looks really relaxed and happy in these photos that she posted to her Instagram account.

She posted this photo with "Buenos dias!" on February 25:

She then followed up with these two photos with "Museo Picasso, Barcelona" on February 26:

Enjoy your time off, Park Min Young, and have a wonderful and happy birthday! Watch the beautiful Park Min Young in Healer:

 ~ NancyZdramaland