parkmyungsoo On MBC Magic Concert-This is Magic, Park Myung Soo asks one of the top magicians in Korea, Choi Hyun Woo, to read his tarot, asking specifically when his streak of popularity will be over. Choi Hyun Woo took Park Myung Soo's tarot card and hesitantly said, "You have luck saying you will either end or leave something. You will soon drop one of your programs." Choi Hyun Woo also predicted, "I think you are more interested in international markets than national markets. This year will be the year you make a big decision." Flustered and surprised, Park Myung Soo announced that he was actually getting ready for his debut overseas. He also revealed that he is a man who keeps his word, hinting at his international debut will come true sooner than later. What do you guys think about Park Myun Soo debuting in the States? (Source: