Park Seo Joon (She Was Pretty) and Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the Sun) have officially signed on to lead in a new series together. We have details on their characters and storyline!

The two interpretation of the show’s title “Ssam my way” clearly indicates the show’s encouraging and spirited narrative: “Fight My Way” and “Third-Rate My Way”. The two stars play close friends who live uninspired with their own lives and wish to prove themselves in their dream careers despite whatever setbacks they encounter.

Park Seo Joon stars as Go Dong Man, a former taekwondo star who works as a temporary office worker while moonlighting as an unknown mixed martial arts fighter. Kim Ji Won stars as Choi Ae Ra, a department store information desk employee who aspires to become a television news anchor.

Ahn Jae Hong (Answer Me 1988) has also been inked a role in the series.

Park and Kim’s characters see each other as nothing more than friends, but that inevitably changes. As they mature to figure out who they are as a person, they also grow more romantically fond of each other in the process.

The drama is reportedly set to air on KBS this May.

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Photo credit: Sure/Elle

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