Last month, Park Seo Joon traveled to Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands for a photo shoot with the footwear brand Sperry. The She Was Pretty actor is actually the first Korean celebrity to model for the American company. The Korean branch of Sperry had this to say about their new groundbreaking model: 

“Park Seo Joon represents Sperry’s story as comfortable and natural, rather than a more put together version of himself.”

In the recently released images, Park represents their classic boat shoe brand effortlessly with his "actual boyfriend" look. The handsome star smiled bright and joked around in his comfortable and causal attire. The serene island surroundings probably helped keep the mood on set very laid-back and cheerful.

He is is too cute! When will fans be able to see this hottie again on the small screen? This July, Park's flower boy historical drama Hwarang: The Beginning premieres on KBS2. He will star alongside fellow heartthrobs Park Hyung Sik, Choi Min Ho and beauty Go Ah Ra.  I don't remember much of his early K-Drama roles, but his portrayal of Ji Sung Joon was convincing enough for anyone to highly anticipate his comeback production!

Congratulations to Park Seo Joon on his deal with Sperry and his rising popularity in the acting world!


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