Park Shi Hoo Moon Chae Won

Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won are headlining a new historical drama called The Princess' Man. Touted as a "Romeo and Juliet story" set in the Joseon period, expectations are high for Park and Moon to deliver the romance because both are just so pretty. Or as I'd like to say, "my" man is HOT and Moon is just lucky to share the screen with him. But that's just me. The story is based on true facts, where King Suyang holds a coup d'etat against his nephew King Danjong. During his course of revenge, he also kills an official named Kim Jong Suh. Moon Chae Won plays King Suyang's daughter, Se Ryung; Park Shi Hoo plays Kim Jong Suh's son, Seung Yoo. You see why their love is so gnarly, now, right? Seung Yoo is described as a man who "possesses a strong body, intellect, and awesome personality." (I laugh - of course he's described to have an "awesome" personality.) Se Ryung is described as a "very curious and straightforward" eldest daughter, characteristics that will naturally get her in trouble. I love - love - Park Shi Hoo ever since I saw him on Prosecutor Princess, and I'm happy to see him take the lead role. I'm just not sure if I'm happy that the leading lady must be Moon Chae Won, who didn't impress me much in the historical drama Painter of the Wind. Both are definitely not strangers to the historical drama world, as Park had appeared in Iljimae. Will they send flying sparks of chemistry shooting out of the small screen? We'll find out on July 20th, when it airs on KBS after Romance Town! Can't wait to see them in action? Watch their dramas here on DramaFever! source: JK Stars