2013022839027_2013022866461 Park Shi Hoo (34 years old), who is facing a lawsuit for sexual assault, will be making a formal statement on the 28th at 6PM. Purme Law, who is representing Park informed W Star News over the phone that “A press release will be published at 6PM today,” and asked the media to “please refer to the press release for additional details.” Currently, police have issued a summons for Park to appear for questioning on March 1st at 10AM. Purme is expected to also confirm attendance in the press release. Previously, Park pushed back his appearance for the second time on February 24th at 7PM. To this, Purme wrote in a press release the same day that “Unfortunately, [Park] will not be able to appear for questioning today.” Following, they wrote that “Park appointed Purme Law to represent him in the case this afternoon and we plan to aggressively defend him,” and that “Based on regulations, we have requested to have the investigation transferred from the Western Seoul Police Department to the Gangnam Police Station, as we think that will be fair for all parties.” Purme also warned that “It is not that we are unaware of the public attention this case is receiving but due to procedural problems, he was not able to be investigated as a suspect in this case,” and asked that the public keep speculations to a minimum. Finally, Purme emphasized that “Moving forward Park will cooperate in the investigation with confidence and honesty.” Park recently met Trainee A, a 22-year-old female celebrity-in-training, through a mutual friend. Trainee A has filed a lawsuit against Park for alleged sexual assault. [Source: Hankyung.com]