htm_20130301102542c010c011 Park Shi Hoo, who is currently facing a lawsuit for sexual assault, has declared a full court battle as he filed lawsuits against Trainee A, her friend “B,” and Hwang, who is the CEO of Park’s former management company. Park’s representative stated on the 4th that “charges were filed against all three for crimes such as blackmail and false accusations among others. In the case of “B,” she took Trainee A’s side and gave false information to the press. Defamation of character was also applied to the charges for the untrue information that was published.” Additionally, “on the surface it appeared as though the CEO of Park’s former management company was supportive of Park both mentally and physically despite the fact that Park’s contract had recently ended. However, it turned out that was he was the mastermind behind the entire case. Evidence to prove that the three conspired together in this case have already been collected.” On the 1st, Park Shi Hoo left the Western Seoul Police Department after nearly a 10 hour long investigation. As he was leaving the police station, Park stated, “I will reveal the truth. I have a lot to say but I gave a thorough statement to the police,” and expressed his confidence in the police. This can now be understood because at the time, evidence of Trainee A and “B”’s text messages which included details of obtaining 1 billion won in settlement out of the lawsuit and indications of the case being fabricated had been handed over to the police. Prior to this a text message conversation between Trainee A and Park’s friend Kim were also exposed and questioned the validity of Trainee A’s allegations of sexual assault. These revelations have only supported Park’s claims that “force was not used” and that “all relations were consensual.” Trainee A filed a lawsuit against Park on February 18th for sexual assault. She has reportedly stated that after drinking with Park and Kim, she lost consciousness and realized she had been raped when she woke up. [Source:]