url Newsis has reported that actor Park Shi Hoo, 36, facing a lawsuit for sexual assault, has reportedly pushed back appearing before the police for questioning. According to Newsis, Park was supposed to appear for questioning on the 24th at 7PM. However, as Park’s legal team exchanged hands from Hwawoo Law to Purme Law, there was a change in plans. Purme has stated that “Park Shi Hoo will not be able be appearing for questioning as originally planned,” and that “In accordance with regulations regarding investigation entrustment, have filed a request that all investigation duties be transferred to the Gangnam Police Station to ensure fairness.” They explained that “Unfortunately, Park Shi Hoo was unable to appear for questioning due to complications with the process.” Police initially reported that they “have not yet been notified [Park] will not be appearing for questioning,” and that “We heard that Park’s original lawyer has decided not to continue working on the case. We have been trying to get in touch with Park and his team but have been unable to get a hold of anyone.” Previously, on the 22nd, Police confirmed that “While we summoned Park to appear for questioning on the 24th at 10AM, we received a reply stating that he will be coming in at 7PM instead.” [Source: JoongAng Daily Online]