park-shi-hoo-recently-revealed-his-ideal-type-of-woman-and-sparked-the-interest-of-netizens Park Shi Hoo was forced to answer some tough questions on live television, but he didn't shy away from answering honestly. He recently appeared on an episode of One Night TV Entertainment and was asked about the kind of woman he likes. "I'm usually on the shy side, so I like someone who is outgoing," he responded. He was then asked if he factors in physical appearance, to which he replied, "Why wouldn't I? Height is not really important. Rather than a sexy and innocent style, I like someone who is cute." But let it be known, Park Shi Hoo is hardly a shallow guy. He went on to say: "If I date someone, I usually date them for a long time. The longest I've dated is four years." All right, ladies, there you have it! Are you qualified to date Park Shi Hoo?