20130306_1007411150530_0 According to a statement from Park Shi Hoo's representative, Park Shi Hoo had wanted to get to better know the woman known as Trainee A, who has accused him of sexual assault. Park is countersuing for blackmail and defamation of character. A representative from Park’s team reported to SportsSeoul.com on the 5th that “I met with park Shi Hoo earlier today,” and that “he’s very surprised by Trainee A’s statement.” They contested Trainee A’s statement that the two barely had enough time to get to know each other. According to Park’s representative, Park was interested in Trainee A from the moment he was introduced to her by his friend Kim. According to a public statement released by Trainee A’s legal team, “Park Shi Hoo suggested playing a drinking game and after a few shots of soju cocktails [Trainee A] lost consciousness. There was no way that they could have developed any sort of interest in each other.” Park's statement contradicts this. According to Park, the two had plenty of time to talk and get to know each other when they met at the bar and moreover, Trainee A left Park’s home in a good mood the next morning. Though Park has been very cautious in speaking to the media since news of the lawsuit broke out, he agreed to his representative speaking with SportsSeoul.com just once. His representative stated that “Despite the fact that it was hectic with a lot of reporters outside his home this morning hoping to speak to him, Park remained calm” and that “Park liked Trainee A because they got along well.” He continued, saying “The two exchanged phone numbers the next morning as she left and Trainee A even said goodbye to Park very politely.” Park’s representative emphasized that “Park was interested in her from the beginning and wanted to see her again, which is why he gave her his personal cellphone number by inputting his number into her phone himself,” and added “honestly as a celebrity, if he considered her just a one night stand, he wouldn’t have gone out of his way to give her his phone number.” Based on the details from Park that draws a vastly different picture from Trainee A’s statements, it appears as though Park is determined to prove his innocence. SportsSeoul.com was also able to hear about Park’s first impression of Trainee A. Upon the reporter’s request, Park’s representative called Park on the spot during the interview. Though Park was hesitant about speaking directly to the media, he told his representative that “She understood me and I thought she was a nice person.” “I thought we had a lot in common and I wanted to get to know her better,” was clearly audible over the phone. Park ended the brief conversation with, “there’s not much I can say since the investigation is currently underway,” but added that “as of now, I can say for certain that I will reveal the truth.” [Source: Star.mk.co.kr]