Park Shi Hoo Park Shi Hoo was indicted on February 18th for sexual assault, after being accused by a person known as trainee A. The 22-year old trainee claims that the two went out for drinks on the evening of the 15th, during which time A says she lost consciousness. The prospective idol says that when she awoke, she realized she had been sexually assaulted, and called the police. Park Shi Hoo says he met A through mutual friends, and that "there was mutual interest on both parties, and he did not force anything on her." The entire matter is still under investigation. After finishing filming Cheongdamdong Alice, Park Shi Hoo's relationship with IYAGI Entertainment lapsed, and he is now managed by his younger brother. Park Shi Hoo's representatives issued the following statement: "As representatives of Park Shi Hoo, we would like to state our stand regarding the media reports that were published on February 18th and clarify the truth and misconceptions to fans. Honestly, Park Shi Hoo has admitted he did drank with A whom he had known through a mutual acquaintance. But there was mutual interest from both parties, and Park Shi Hoo did not force anything on her absolutely. Regarding this, Park Shi Hoo doesn’t feel that there was anything to be embarrassed about. This will be proven clearly in the investigations, and we hope that everyone can be patient and give some time for things to be clarified. Outside of this, we want to express our deepest apologies to all the fans who loved and supported Park Shi Hoo, and we are sorry for making everyone worried. We want to stress again that fans should not be worried about anything since there was nothing forced in the first place. To prove his innocence, Park Shi Hoo will diligently cooperate with all police investigations. Finally, we hope that the media and related persons will not resort to mindless speculations or make wild assumptions before police investigations are completed." What do you think happened in this still-evolving case?