Park Shi Hoo has constantly been in the spotlight for his interactions and gifts from fans. There was the time he cooked for a lucky fan, then there were a couple instances where his fan club treated the cast and crew of Cheongdamdong Alice to food and drinks. He made a promise to watch the last episode of the drama with his loyal fans—and he kept his promise! On January 27, Park Shi Hoo watched the last episode of Cheongdamdong Alice in a theater with 250 fans inside and outside of Korea. He gave out presents to some lucky fans before the screening. After the conclusion of the screening, he said:  "I′m sad Cheongdamdong Alice is a short 16-episode drama. It lingers in my memory because I had a hard time filming in cold weather. I′m happy my role met a happy ending with Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young)." Here are some photos from the event: Some lucky fans win gifts from Park Shi Hoo: Park Shi Hoo takes center seat surrounded by fans: Park Shi Hoo is completely at ease surrounded by his adoring fans. Are you a Cheongdamdong Alice fan? What dramas will you watch now that the show is over? (Source: