Security camera footage is expected to play a key role in the outcome of  the alleged rape charge against actor Park Shi Hoo by an aspiring celebrity known as “Trainee A.” According to a Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency statement made yesterday, “Trainee A” met with Park and his friend for drinks and allegedly woke up in Park’s home to discover she had been raped. According to the police, “Trainee A” stated that Park Shi Hoo forced her to have sex with him, while Park is arguing that there was mutual consent. Article 297 of criminal law defines rape as “the use of violence or threat to have sexual relations with a woman,” and that without “violence or threat,” it is not considered rape.
Security camera footage obtained from the date of the alleged assault will play an important role in deciding the outcome of the case. This is because the blood alcohol content of “A” may potentially play a key role in deciding whether or not there were forced relations. Security camera footage obtained from the bar in the Cheongdamdong neighborhood of Seoul and parking garage of Park’s residence will be key evidence. Currently police have looked into the footage obtained from the bar where Park and “Trainee A” first met and have received a statement from the bar owner as they continue their investigation. It has also been reported that police are looking further into additional security camera footage from the 15th where the party was said to be.
According to the police, Park is currently under investigation for allegedly raping a 22-year-old aspiring female celebrity after having drinks together. “Trainee A” filed a lawsuit against Park for rape. To this Park has stated that “while it is true we met through a mutual friend at a bar there was mutual interest as man and woman, all relations we had were consensual." Furthermore, he emphasized that “I have nothing to hide surrounding the allegations, and this will be revealed upon further investigation.”