2013030201000068700003531_59_20130301202402 Park Shi Hoo, who is currently facing charges for sexual assault, was released after being investigated by the police. Park entered the police station for investigation at 10AM on March 1st and left nearly 10 hours later at 7:55PM looking exhausted following a lengthy investigation. He told the media “I have a lot to say but I gave a thorough statement to the police” and added that “I will make sure the truth is revealed,” emphasizing his innocence. Immediately following giving the brief statement he got into his car and left the station. Previously, Park had stated to the media as he entered the police station that “I apologize for everything that’s happened,” and that “the police investigation will prove the truth.” Kim, Park’s friend, who is also being investigated for sexual assault, was investigated the same day. Meanwhile police are investigating closely as to whether sexual relations were forced and whether or not Kim was actually involved in the incident. A lawsuit was filed against Park for sexually assaulting a 22-year-old female celebrity in training (Trainee A) after they met at a bar through a mutual friend. Park’s friend Kim, who was with the two the entire night, is also facing sexual assault charges. Trainee A claimed that “I was raped while I was drunk” while Park is claiming that “There was mutual interest as man and woman. All relations were consensual and force was not involved in any way,” resulting in conflicting statements. Kim is also claiming to be innocent and has said that he even exchanged messages with Trainee A the day following the incident where they made plans to go to the club together. It was reported that details of the messages exchanged between Kim and Trainee A were submitted to the police as evidence to prove Kim and Park’s innocence. [Source: Sports Chosun]