After a two-year hiatus from Korean television, actor Park Shi Hoo may be making a comeback.

According to one of the actor's associates, Park has been eyeing several projects for a while, but he hasn't settled on anything so far. The source also indicated that Park Shi Hoo may take a part in a cable drama as his next role.

Park Shi Hoo's last Korean drama role was the 2012 series Cheongdamdong Alice. In February 2013, he faced allegations of rape.

Although the charges were eventually dropped, the actor hasn't taken a Korean television role since that time. He does, however, have a movie, After Love, coming out this year, where he costars with Yoon Eun Hye.

In reference to Park Shi Hoo's scandal, his associate said, "It is not like he is restrained in the activities he chooses to do, so we are open to possibilities. But as said, nothing is confirmed at this point." He was never officially banned from participation on the major networks (as is sometimes the case with South Korean celebrities who face legal issues), so he can technically return to work whenever he decides to accept an offer.

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