Before Park Shi Hoo became famous with Family's Honor and Prosecutor Princess, he leaped from secondary lead to leading man in a drama called How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor. Kim Seung Woo (HotelierIris) was cast as the main lead, and had been romantically paired with female lead Bae Doo Na (Beating HeartGloria) in a previous drama. Park Shi Hoo was the secondary lead who fell for Bae Doo Na's feisty secretary but ultimately lost out to Kim Seung Woo. His performance as an icy businessman, however, was so charismatic that the drama writers, in a virtually unprecedented move for drama writing and production (and partially in response to overwhelming fan desire) rewrote his character as the main lead. How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor is a lovely, low-key, addicting drama about four people who learn to grow up while falling in love.   Baek Soo Chan (Kim Seung Woo) is a playboy and former host who manipulates women to get what he wants. Meeting Jung Yoon Hee (Bae Doo Na) and her older sister on vacation, he treats them with his usual playboy ways. Yoon Hee, however, sees right through him, and does her best to prevent her naive sister from falling for him. Drawn by her spunk, Soo Chan runs into her again when they wind up as neighbors later. Yoon Hee begins working as secretary to Yoo Joon Suk (Park Shi Hoo), the new president of her company. Called back from overseas when his father collapses, Joon Suk shoulders the burden of the family company, trying to please a father who has never shown him any affection. A perfectionist, he at first clashes with his forthright, quirky secretary, but gradually begins to fall for her. When a family crisis strikes him, she stands by him, beginning to see more beyond the shell he presents to the world. Drawn together, they will have to face opposition from all sides, including from Soo Chan and Joon Suk's arranged-marriage fiance. Click here to watch How To Meet  A Perfect Neighbor on DramaFever!