NISI20130301_0007810410_web_59_20130304222302 Park Shi Hoo, currently being investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman known as Trainee A, is suing Trainee A, Trainee A’s friend known as “B”, and the CEO of Park’s former management company Eyagi Entertainment known as Hwang. According to Park’s legal team at Purme Law, a lawsuit was filed against the three for false accusations, blackmail, and defamation of character. Trainee A previously filed a lawsuit against Park on the 18th for allegedly assaulting her while she was unconscious on the 14th. However, Park denied the claims stating that “There was mutual interest as man and woman. All relations were consensual and force was not used.” On the first, Park was summoned for questioning and left the police station nearly 10 hours later. On that day Park stated two times that he “will reveal the truth” and emphasized his innocence. [Source: Newsis]