url-1 In the midst of actor Park Shi Hoo’s fight in the lawsuit for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in her 20’s referred to as "Trainee A,"Park’s friend Kim is claiming to still have the messages he’d exchanged with "Trainee A," yet again another change in tides in the investigation. Purme Law’s attorney Shin Dong Won, who is representing both Park and Kim, stated to Star News on a call that “the messages exchanged between [Kim] and [Trainee A] were typical everyday conversation.” On the 25th, a woman claiming to be Trainee A’s friend claimed that “Park had contraceptives and a mask prepared, so he planned the whole thing.” She also stated that “[Trainee A] did not message Kim the next day and instead texted me asking ‘What do I do now? What happened last night?’” In a press release published by Purme, it claimed that “Those details were fabricated by [Trainee A] and that they are completely untrue. On a call with Star News, Purme stated that “The messages exchanged between [Kim] and [Trainee A] were typical everyday conversation.” Shin added that “The messages exchanged between the two still exist. We cannot reveal details of the conversation because investigation is still underway, but the messages are so normal that it’s hard to believe a woman who was sexually assaulted had sent them.” Police have denied a request made by Park’s legal team to shift investigation duties to a different team and have re-issued a summons requesting Park to appear for questioning on March 1st. If Park fails to appear, police will consider issuing a warrant to bring Park in. It appears Purme may escalate the request beyond police and have submitted a civil complaint to the committee overseeing case transfer requests. [Source: Star]