OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Park Shi Hoo’s friend has expressed his determination to prove his innocence in the involvement of the sexual assault charges against him and actor Park Shi Hoo by a female celebrity-in-training (Trainee A).  During a call with SportsSeoul.com on the 26th at 11:24PM, Kim stated that he will “work hard to prove the truth,” and that “I’m very hesitant to comment on the investigation that is currently underway. For now, I will work with the police to prove that I did not commit a crime.” Immediately after the charges against him were filed, Kim cut off all communication with family and friends. As news of his involvement in the case along with his full name spread online, he says he was sent into a mental state of shock. According to Kim, he attempted to talk things out with Trainee A to prove his innocence, but due to conflicting stories, was unable to come to a conclusion. As the effects of the case grew, Kim decided it would be difficult to try talking things out with Trainee A and has sought legal assistance. Kim has decided to stand in the forefront to prove his innocence. This is visible form his Kakao Talk status. While his status was originally blank, he recently updated his status to “Fine, let’s do it.” Kim stated that he “does not intend on speaking with the media just yet. The truth will be revealed after further questioning with the police,” insisting on his innocence. In response to reports that Purme Law will be representing him, Kim replied that “Nothing has been decided yet. It may or may not happen,” making it unclear as to who exactly will be representing him. Kim was also charged for sexually assaulting Trainee A. [Source: Sports Seoul]