53301895.2 Actor Park Shi Hoo’s newly-appointed legal team at Purme Law stated in a press release on the 25th that details of the interview of Trainee A’s friend “B” had with the press were false. In response to “B’s” statements that Park did not drink at all at the bar and had planned to take Trainee A back to his place so prepared a mask to cover his face, Purme insisted they were “fabricated by Trainee A and are completely untrue.” Purme stated that “As many already know, Park has a low alcohol tolerance level. However, he was enjoying himself on the night of the alleged incident and had about 10 shots of cocktail soju with ice over a period of about 3 hours. Reports of Park not having drank that night are not true.” Purme also stated that because he is uncomfortable when in public, Park regularly wears a mask when he is out and that this can be verified in various security camera footages. Purme’s press release also stated that “While Trainee A claims to have been unconscious inside Park’s home for 13 hours, her recollection of even the smallest details that coincidentally work against Park should question her credibility.” They continued that “She reportedly “felt hazy” and alluded to drug involvement. She then submitted to blood and urine testing by National Forensics as though it would come back positive for drug use. Her actions to present have been questionable.” “Trainee A left Park’s home looking completely normal at about 2PM following the alleged incident, which can be proven by the elevator’s security camera footage. Moreso, Trainee A and Park’s friend Kim exchanged friendly messages multiple times thereafter.” Purme also emphasized that “Park had every intention of appearing for questioning but due to changes in legal responsibility had no choice but to push back the date.” The same day, a woman claiming to be a close friend of Trainee A, “B,” stated in an interview with the press that “Park planned the assault and had prepared a mask and contraceptives.” “B” also stated in the same interview that “Rumors about Trainee A and Kim exchanging messages are false and she actually texted me asking ‘What do I do now? What happened last night?’” [Source: News.chosun.com]