As one of Korea's top actresses, it is not shocking that Park Shin Hye has a busy and hectic schedule. However, how her work life has affected her private relationships might just surprise you...

In a recent interview with Vogue Taiwan, Park Shin Hye candidly opened up about what it's like to be an actress, what kind of actress she wants to be, and how it affects her friendships!

“Being an actress might sound fancy, but it has its own difficulties. I admire the job of an actress and its fame. However, I’ve always wanted to show the real and natural side of me. I want to be an actress who is beautiful the way I am.”

When it comes to her offscreen life, Park Shin Hye described what her relationships with friends are like, stating,

“I think I become quiet when I meet my friends. Since I exhaust a lot of energy in front of cameras, I tend to stay quiet when I hang out with them, I keep cheering and supporting them, always in silence.”

Along with Park Shin Hye's interview, Vogue Taiwan released some photos in which Park appeared very elegant. 

Park Shin Hye is currently preparing to return to the silver screen with the upcoming crime-thriller tentatively titled Silent Witness.

What do you think about Park Shin Hye's confessions? Can you relate to her hard working spirit? Let us know below!


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