The first script reading for the upcoming K-drama Pinocchio, starring Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk, was a success! Recently the cast and crew got together to sit down and go through the script. 

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(Photo Credit: Mwave)

According to the production team, "The script reading for Pinocchio was heated up by bringing together the best team, writer Park Hye Ryun and Director Jo Soo Won, as well as some of the best actors and actresses. The drama hasn't aired yet, but the great amount of interest has been energizing the production team. Please watch the drama when it airs."

As if we have to be told that. Of course we'll all be watching! Pinocchio is all about a group of rookies striving to become successful reporters. Park Shin Hye plays Choi In Ha, a girl suffering "Pinocchio Syndrome," which causes her to hiccup whenever she lies. Lee Jong Suk's character is Choi Dal Po, whose nickname is "All-Zero" for his amazing accomplishment of getting nothing but zeros during his high school days. 

Set your episode alerts by clicking here because Pinocchio is set to air in November following the conclusion of My Lovable Girl!

Looking at the cast photo, who do you recognize?

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