Park Shin Hye and Yoo Seung Ho have signed a 1-year contract with Lotte Department Stores. Their first photos together are helping to promote Lotte's Lovely Hands charity. Lovely Hands is a campaign that will help raise money for children who have rare or incurable diseases.

"For each person who takes part, Lotte Department Store donates 1,000 won ($0.91) to help cure children with rare and incurable illnesses," said Park. In the caption add the hashtag #롯데러블리핸즈 (Lovely Hands).

Participants must make a heart shape with their hands and add the hashtag on either Instagram or SNS app KakaoStory. All donations will be made to Korea University Anam Hospital. The campaign runs until April 12.

Yoo joked in an interview this last week that Park Shin Hye is his ideal type.  You can see more of them being cute together in this video commercial for Lotte: 

See Park Shin Hye's latest drama, Pinocchio:

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