Actress Park Shin Hye connected with 100 lucky fans on Saturday, March 19, 2016, at a fan signing event hosted by Mamonde, a skincare and makeup brand. Vicariously experience Park Shin Hye's fan event through this post. Scroll down to start!


We can hear Park Shin Hye say, "Hi, guys, why don't you celebrate the first day of spring with me?"


"I've prepared lots of fun things for you guys!" the beautiful actress seems to tell us.


"I'll see you inside!"

We follow her into an Aritaum flagship store in Gangnam, Seoul, and it's a beauty paradise.

And this video sums up what happened in the beauty paradise. (WARNING: Cuteness overload)


Our favorite photo. We can hear the fan say, "Guess what, Shin Hye—I've brought flowers for you~❤" 


Check out Park Shin Hye's peachy makeup look here. We are digging her subtle eyeshadow and bright lip color. 

At the event, Park Shin Hye and Mamonde stylists taught how to create Park Shin Hye's peachy spring makeup using Mamonde's new products. Park Shin Hye shared the products she personally uses to create her looks.


Park Shin Hye wrote and handed out autographed postcards to each of the 100 fans. Fans also received other goodies like beauty products and flowers. 


Park Shin Hye will give you her autograph on just about anything.


Mamonde also released photos of the flower girl posing with more flowers for the CF. 


Park Shin Hye shows off her impeccable skin on the latest Mamonde CF called "The Secret of Peach Flower." Watch the CF below!

What are your thoughts on Park Shin Hye's new spring makeup look for Mamonde? Tell us in the comments!

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Starring Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk

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