Even actors and actresses, who get to perform many different roles on the screen, have parts that they would like to take on. Well...what role would Park Shin Hye like to tackle in the future? During a recent press conference for her upcoming movie "Hyung", Park Shin Hye confessed that she would love the chance to play the love interest alongside Jo Jung Suk (from Jealousy Incarnate and Oh My Ghostess)! Why is she interested? What drew her to wanting to perform with Jo Jung Suk? Read on to find out!

At a recent press conference for the upcoming movie "Hyung", Park Shin Hye admitted to having been a fan of actor Jo Jung Suk since she saw his performance in 'Oh My Ghostess'!  In the film "Hyung", Park portrays the coach of a judo athlete (played by D.O.) and Jo, his misguided older brother.

(On set of "Hyung") 

After getting to work with Jo Jung Suk on the set of the movie, Park Shin Hye revealed that:

“I was surprised (Jo) was so serious on set. I admire the ease with which he acts.” 

Going onto propose: 

“If I have the opportunity to, I would like to act in a romantic role with Jo.” 

In response to Park Shin Hye's wish, Jo Jung Suk also announced, "I'll take that offer and double it with my heart." 

Do you think Park Shin Hye and Jo Jung Suk would make an amazing couple on screen? Let us know what you think below!

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Jealousy Incarnate

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