53332805 Actress Park Shin Hye showed off her cooking skills at her first solo fan meeting in China in Shanghai this past weekend. In a red polkadot apron and dress, the actress introduced the Korean dish "kimbap" to Chinese fans. Park then put the kimbap together expertly, using seaweed, rice, cucumber, carrot, ham, and shrimp. The MC admiringly said, “Park Shin Hye’s kitchen skills are incredible” and Park replied, “I often cook at home when my mother is out. I’m especially good at making bean-paste stew (doenjang jjigae) and chicken roast (dak bokkeumtang).” After making the kimbap, Park went out to the edge of the stage to hand-feed audience members herself. Park’s agency, S.A.L.T. Entertainment, said, “We were surprised at the great attention and support that Park Shin Hye’s first solo fan meeting in China received. Fans followed her every move, from her arrival at the airport to the end of the concert. Her recent appearances in Miracle In Cell No.7 and Flower Boy Next Door are drawing attention just because she’s in them, even though they haven’t been officially released in China.” Park Shin Hye has recently been cast in the new SBS drama, The Heirs opposite Lee Min Ho. The drama is set to be aired in October. 20130520_1369042505_89668400_1 20130520_1369042521_38268700_1 68106042