We depend on our friends for many things -- support, love, reassurance, etc -- all the more so if they are really close friends! However, for most people, the primary (and perhaps most important) role a close friend plays is that of confidant...both there to listen as well as to give advice. Well, this is no different for celebrity friendships and for Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Ki (friends form childhood) that means being each other's counselor! However, the reason Lee Hong Ki listens to Park Shin Hye might just surprise you....

    On November 10th, Lee Hong Ki appeared as a guest on Park Myung Soo’s KBS Cool FM radio show. During the show, Lee Hong Ki opened up about his close friend Park Shin Hye and her role as his romance adviser!

    When asked about their friendship, Lee happily revealed what his relationship with Park Shin Hye is like, 

    “We talk to each other informally. We’ve known each other since we were young because we both used to be child actors, so we’re really close. I’m more comfortable with her than with my guy friends.”

    However, as Lee Hong Ki continued to discuss their friendship, he also revealed something about Park's own dating life! In explaining how they serve as each other's dating adviser Lee confessed that, 

    “Honestly, Park Shin Hye has almost zero dating experience. But she’s more mature than I am, so she gives me life advice a lot.”

    Lee Hong Ki also recently revealed that he is dating Han Bo Reum. Check out how it happened here

    Would you want advice from Park Shin Hye? 


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