Park Shin Hye Rain Twitter Photo

Twitter is all the rage - and the perfect way for stars to give fans instant updates.

For Park Shin Hye - she tweeted a photo of being soaked and covered up with towels. Despite not being dry, she managed to still be quite pretty - bare-faced and all. Dang she got good genes. She's currently starring in Heartstrings.

As for Lee Da Hae, she's still in the throes of filming Miss Ripley. But that doesn't mean the girl can't sleep! She tweeted a photo of her dog snuggling up to her in the early morning. Netizens have already commented that they're absolutely jealous of the puppy getting to cuddle beside a pajama-clad Lee Da Hae.

Lee Da Hae with Dogs Twitter Photo

And let's not forget our new leading man Choi Jin Hyuk. The star, currently in I Need Romance, tweeted a photo of himself in his van, as he waited out the rain. He's trying to give the most arrogant look that he could possibly muster - is it working?

Choi Jin Hyuk Twitter Photo


Source: Star News, Osen