Not only is Park Shin Hye busy locking lips with Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio, but she's preparing to host the upcoming SBS Drama Awards.

The announcement was made on December 10 by one of the representatives of her agency who stated, "She will be rising to the stage as MC of the SBS Drama Awards, and we're still tuning her drama schedules." This year's SBS award ceremony will take place on December 31 and combine "drama, variety, documentary, educational, and radio content together into one festival format."

Fun Fact: The ceremony is being held at COEX, which is home to the ultra-popular COEX Mall. In the mall is actually COEX Aquarium, where Park Shin Hye's current co-star Lee Jong Suk and the cast of I Hear Your Voice filmed scenes and the drama opening. In real life, the tank they stand in front of is not that big, and there's actually seating so you can just chill out and stare at the marine life and eat ice cream. Yes. The aquarium serves ice cream in their food court, which is also where tank for seal feedings is located. 

Do you think PSH will be an awesome host?

Watch Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio:

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