Heirs star Park Shin Hye is red hot for the October issue of InStyle Magazine. Shin Hye has to be the luckiest girl on the entire planet right now with new K-Drama Heirs about to premiere, and then being able to promote it by simply modeling in awesome clothes! Wouldn’t you like to wake up and go to work with hot guys like Lee Min Ho, Kang Min Hyuk, and Choi Jin Hyuk with the extremely high possibility of making out with one of them?! (-_-) Then, because everyone and their mothers are waiting for this drama you get to wear gorgeous shades of red clothing for InStyle just to hype everyone up even more?! #SoJealous

Just look at Park Shin Hye in these red hybrid combat/biker boots complete with multiple buckles! Then she has the nerve to look hippie-cute with the guitar and the sweater! It’s like right after Heirs how about you star in a drama similar to Mary Stayed Out All Night so you can just indulge in awesome Hongdae vintage fashion, and we can all love it?!

I usually love the whole jacket resting all luxuriously over the shoulders style, but I just don’t on Park Shin Hye. For some reason I just have a hard time picturing her as the rich heiress type even though she has played one in the past! If you didn’t know, Park Shin Hye played a snobby and bratty rich girl in Goong S starring Se7en. Her hair and that jacket really are amazing though. #Want

Talk about leather pants becoming a second skin! Her legs look stunning in those pants with the black heels, and did you notice the sleeve detail on her jacket?!

Heirs will be premiering soon so if you're just dying to see more Park Shin Hye fashion, make sure to set your new episode alert by clicking HERE!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE