After completing an exquisitely elegant photo shoot in Paris for Marie Claire, Park Shin Hye (Heirs, Doctor Crush) sat down for an interview and discussed the biggest struggles that come with being an actress

During the interview, Park Shin Hye was asked about her thought process when choosing new roles. She thought for a moment before responding, “I am drawn to characters that have qualities that I don’t have; the ones that I want to be like. And, although this is very biased, I also choose characters that I feel are really needed in the world. I don’t always mean to play characters with a strong and sometimes overpowering moral compass, but, in retrospect, I realize I played a lot of these types of roles"

Then she was asked, “Many actors say that it takes a long time to get out of character and that, after a project ends, they feel empty. Do you feel this way, too?” To which, the actress replied, "There are times where it's really hard to get out of character. I've definitely had these experiences."

Following this, she elaborated on this challenge stating, "When I prepare for a role, I am so busy all the time. I have to exercise, practice my lines, and think about how I am going to present myself. When the project ends, I look back on it and I feel like Park Shin Hye has been gone from the world for three to five months during the year. Even though I am at home, which is a place I am used to, I feel really different. While filming, I spend a lot of time on sets and it’s always hectic there, so when I’m by myself, I do feel lonely and empty. Personally, it takes me a long time to feel normal because even exercising, which is a part of my daily routine, feels really awkward."

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