The ever-popular Park Shin Hye has recieved an emmense amount of support from both her fans and celebrity friends while filming Doctor Crush, but her latest gift came from actor and FTIsland member Lee Hong Ki, who sent a food cart to the drama's filming set. 

On August 8, the actress posted two side-by-side images on Instagram of her enjoying the amazing gift that was revealed to be sent to the set by long-time friend and former You're Beautiful co-star Lee Hong Ki. After recieving the food cart, Park Shin Hye was overjoyed by the thoughtful gesture, especially considering that she has been working diligently on the drama for three days straight with little sleep. 

In the first post, the actress cutely posed beside a banner featuring both her and Lee Hong Ki snuggled together in a blanket. 

In the second post, Park Shin Hye can be seen happily enjoying her food with other cast and crew members lining up behing her to enjoy some of the many delicious dishes Lee Hong Ki had sent to the filming set. 

It's so nice to see that these two are still as close as ever after so many years. Aren't they so adorable? Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Ki are definitely friendship goals. 

What do you think of Lee Hong Ki's thoughtful gift? Aren't these two so perfect together? Any thoughts you'd like to share about this adorable friendship? Let us know in the comments below! 


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